Little things count for something

BA6YFiMCUAEDcPC.jpg large Yesterday i learnt one of the biggest lessons of my life, coffee and i are NOT friends, never have and NEVER will !!! I have class every Thursady morning from 830-1130am which means i have to be out of the house before 7am to catch the 701am. It is currently winter in Melbourne and boy is it FREEEEEEEEEEZING (no joke). Anyho so for the last couple of weeks i have been buying coffee just a small latte from a 7-Eleven store close to the uni. I make it a point to always take a sandwich with me to school to eat during the break with my coffee. I have always known that coffee makes me sick either gives me really bad heartburn (which i learnt the hard way last week after consuming a mocha and cappuccino a few days apart) or it makes me nauseous. Like clock work every Thursday after consuming this coffee i become nauseated but yesterday was on another level. Instead of going to buy coffee from 7-Eleven i decided to have coffee from the uni coffee machine worst mistake of my life. I had not just one but two cups of this coffee because i was so sleepy and i just needed some caffeine to keep me awake. Immediately after consuming the first cup i became nauseated which i clearly ignored when i had the second cup. I was so nauseated the rest of the day, i felt so sick. When i was telling one of my friends that i will never drink coffee again, she asked me why i don’t take flask to uni with tea instead then i responded “i can’t carry a flask cup.” She then sighed and said “aww”. Isn’t it funny how the very little things one takes for granted is the very same things that somebody else is praying for? Whilst having the ability to carry a simple flask cup is a little thing to a non-disabled person, it would mean the world to me right now to be able to use my crutches whilst holding a flask cup walking to uni so that i don’t have to drink coffee every Thursday morning.


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