Was I Really In Danger?

No-Dogs-Allowed Over a week ago i came face to face with my arch nemesis “a member of the Canidae family of the mammalian order Carnivora” aka a DOG !!!! Here i was walking home from the bus stop and i saw one of my neighbours walking to collect her mail from the mail box and she did not close her gate and here came running towards me her four legged mammal. This dog came straight at me barking and everything. I froze. I literally froze !!! So this woman is just standing there watching her dog coming for me and does not make an effort to come after it or even tell it to return. I asked her to come after her dog to which she did not respond nor even move an inch. The dog kept coming at me. At this point i started screaming, what choice did i have? The owner of the dog was just standing there whilst her dog was on the verge of attaching me. She then says it’s ok, nothing will happen, i didn’t care if her dog was the world’s friendliest dog, all i knew at that time was this god was going to bite me. She eventually came after her dog but she did not pick it up properly and the dog slipped from her hands and came back running at me. I then screamed even louder after which she then picked up her dog and walked back to her house. The woman had the nerve to not even apologise, she did not say sorry. I continued my walk home and as soon as i got home, i went online to research what i could do about this incident. That dog could hve bitten me and the woman did not even show any remorse for her dog’s actions. I was so traumatized i was literally shaking at my desk for a good ten minutes. I did get the information i was after and i am still contemplating whether i want to report her to the council or not.

The question to ask is was i really in danger or was it my fear of dogs that got the best of me in the moment? I guess i will never know, all i know is now i walk extra careful when i am walking past that house.


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