Everyone has a story……what is yours?

Bb5FkXPCEAA6YM7 A week ago my social media was flooded with posts of the late Maya Angelou. Whilst a lot of people just posted either a picture of her or one of her quotes, one post by an old high school friend caught my attention. What really caught my eye in her post is this
“So, I write to you today. I write to tell you that you are an inspiration to this world. Your very existence is a miracle and every experience a victory.
We all have a story.
Too many of us will die with it.
Not all of us can write but-
We all have a story.”

I have not blogged in a while because i was so busy with uni and life got in the way and i was honestly on the verge of deleting this blog because i am not a regular blogger then i read her post. My thinking was why should i keep the blog if i don’t even post regularly or does anyone even read it? Then through this post, it hit me. That I little old Colleen just like you reading this and everyone else has a story to tell. It could be the story of your life, your dreams, your career, what you are passionate about, whatever the story may be, you have a story to tell. And the beauty about these stories is that no-one can add or subtract anything from that story because it is YOUR story. I have a saying i always say to myself “my reality, my story.” What makes people like Martin Luther King Jnr, Nelson Mandela in addition to what they did for humanity is that they did not go to their graves with their stories, instead they wrote about them such that years, decades and generations to come people WILL know of them because of this. What makes Maya Angelou great, what makes her legacy so GREAT is that she told her story through her words. The thing about it is this, you just don’t know who might be inspired or touched by your story so you just have to write it.

large My story is who i am. You cannot separate me from my story, who i am is deeply embedded in my story. There cannot be a “Colleen” without my disability. It is my reality, it is my story. It makes me who i am. I have decided i refuse to be amongst the statistic that chooses not to tell their story because my very existence is indeed a miracle, everything i have experienced and experience as a result of my disability is a victory that someone out there needs to hear about. I will no longer be silent, i will tell my story. #MyRealityMyStory.

Everyone has a story, if you are not telling yours, you will forever be telling somebody else’s


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