Did someone say road trip?

IMG_20140310_123541  Oh my days it was a public holiday here in Melbourne last week monday and that made my heart smile cause public holidays = ROAD TRIPS!!!! As i mentioned in a previous post i absolutely LOOOOOVE road trips but sometimes the long drives can sometimes make me extremely tired and it always takes days to recover. However when i woke up on this particular day i was interested to see whether i was going to be extremely tired afterwards or not like i was on the previous road trip. This time around i was very prepared and i had put in certain measures prior to the road trip which i will share at a later stage. The road trip itself was very pleasant it was a two hour drive well three if you factor in the hour it took to hit highway to get where we were going. Like i said it was a very pleasant drive, clear blue skies. There was not much to see on the way really apart from cows and sheep as we were going to country Victoria and there are lots of farms and open space along the way. Sitting down in the actual car to the way was very to my surprise very comfortable yet it was the same car we had previously used for the last road trip and this time i insisted on sitting at the back. When we had reached the halfway mark, we stopped to stretch our legs and again to my surprise i was not tired at all nor did my back give me any problems such that i even walked to the toilet in the little shopping centre without my crutches WINNING!!!! When we eventually reached our destination, we had a great afternoon visiting friends and family and during the whole afternoon i opted to sit on the floor. I am now finding that my back really likes it when i sit on the floor compared to sitting on the chair or couch. The way back was also a very pleasant drive, i had no issues, didn’t have to change my sitting position a million times. When i got home i was obviously tired from driving for 6hrs that day any person would be but i could walk with no problems, in fact i thought i would be so tired that i would go straight to bed but i didn’t. It really was a good road trip one that i would do again, at least now i know what i need to do before hand to prevent any back pain or cramping.


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