A walk on the beach

1497732_10151935311470983_439552509_n A month ago on a Monday afternoon, one of my friends told me she was going to the beach and asked if it wanted to go along. I immediately replied with an enthusiastic YES!!! . I love going to the beach and every chance someone wants to go, i totally go with them. While whenever i go to the beach, i never walk in the actual beach cause it is so uncomfortable but on this day i was determined to walk on the beach. We had dinner first then we proceeded to go to the beach. I stayed behind a little because my crutches were literally sinking in the beach sand. At first i panicking about this cause i thought to myself what if i can’t reach the place my friends want to pitch the tent, that would just spoil it for everyone. I soldiered on and to my surprise i made it!!!!!! We sat down for a bit in the tent, played music and just chilled. Then i decided to take off my shoes and walk on the beach bare foot. It was quite a challenge between trying to keep my balance and actually walk on the beach. I said to one of my friends who was standing next to me “it’s actually quite difficult to walk in the beach bare foot” to which she responded “yeah it is hey.” At first i was a bit surprised by her response, i was expecting “nah it’s alright.” You see I’ve always thought that people with disabilities or me have difficulties walking on the beach but knowing that she found it difficult too definitely made me feel better that day. I absolutely loved the experience. The last time i had walked on the beach was back in 2007 and i had completely forgotten how it felt. It was truly an experience which i look forward to doing again soon.


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