Road Trips

1535421_10151918109090983_664424429_n If there’s one thing I absolutely love it is ROAD TRIPS!!!!! Pity I don’t have a car and I can’t drive otherwise every week ok maybe not every week but I would definitely frequently go on road trips. There’s just something about driving long distances especially on high ways that I love. Two weeks ago on Boxing day I did a road trip with my friends to the Great Ocean Road. I had never been to the Great Ocean Road yet I’ve always wanted to go so when the opportunity to go arose guess who was the first to put her hand up little old ME!!! I was really excited, finally my chance to go to this very beautiful place. I’ve always wanted to go there but because I can’t drive who would I possibly ask to drive me all that way. When I woke up that morning, I was on cloud nine but I had no idea what a challenge it would be. Naturally as always I was riding shot gun cause my friends always insist I sit in the front. I was glad to sit in the front but two hours into the journey I regretted it. It was so difficult and very uncomfortable. It’s not like I had never been in this car before, I’ve been in this car A LOT of times. I kept changing positions in an attempt to find a comfortable one but I eventually gave up cause whatever position I tried to sit in, it didn’t alleviate the pain I felt in my back. When we stopped for lunch, I couldn’t believe it, I could barely stand up, let alone walk. It’s like my back was refusing to co-operate with the rest of my body. I somehow managed to drag myself to the hotel my friend had gone to use the toilet. When I walked in luckily for me the toilet was located at the end of the hallway so I quickly put my bag down and laid on the floor. I tried to do sit ups to somehow help with this back pain but that didn’t help. I then asked one of my friends to pull me up slowly. We cried this about three times and what do you know, it worked!!!!!! When I stood up, the pain in my back was gone. When we proceeded with our journey, I insisted on sitting in the back. Even though in the back, I did not have a lot of leg room as compared to the front, it was much more comfortable to sit there. I really wonder why on this road trip my back gave me so much grief yet several months prior to this, I went on another road trip all the way to Sydney and I was sitting in the front the whole ten hours. I was so comfortable that I fell asleep several times on the journey and when I got out of the care there was no pain in my back just a slight discomfort from obviously sitting down for a long time. This experience got me thinking that travelling long distances can be such a pain for us folk with disabilities and what should be an enjoyable experience can end up being such a difficult one. I guess this is just one of the challenges I have to live with.


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