The Innocence Of Children.

children_2 A few weeks ago probably a month by now someone asked me this questions “what happened to do?” I looked at this individual a full grown man, I rolled my eyes then responded “I was born this way” then I proceeded to walk away. I really didn’t have time or the energy to engage in such a conversation. I was annoyed, really annoyed! I was annoyed by the fact that a grown person, an adult had the audacity to ask me such a question, in my view a stupid question. I mean come on that’s what kids do. When you are an adult there are certain things one should know or maybe I was greatly mistaken in having this assumption. Now before you jump to conclusions and say I over-reacted, hear me out. I did not over-react. I have been asked this question ALL my life and it gets to a point where you can’t be bothered to answer the question anymore. Imagine your entire life explaining the same old story over and over and over again, it gets exhausting emotionally. However two weeks ago at a friend’s bridal shower, a young girl probably 6 or 8 years of age came up to me and asked “why are you so small?” I was really caught off guard and didn’t know what to say then my friend who was standing with me quickly rushed to my defence and told the young girl that I was older than her therefore she shouldn’t be asking such questions. My friend got so annoyed to the point that she wanted to look for the girl’s mother and shout at her for not raising her child right. I had to calm my friend down. This wasn’t the first time such had happened with this friend in sight. At the beginning of the year, she was ready to beat up a woman in the medical field who asked her “what’s wrong with your little sister?” There’s something about the way the child asked the question that really got to me. It was her innocence that got to me. In her world everyone looks, walks and talks the same so therefore seeing me someone who is different to what she is exposed, that curiosity led her to ask the question. With adults I put it down to ignorance. Having said that, it is quite interesting to note that none of the kids in my family, my little cousins, nieces or nephews have ever asked me that question before. They just see me, accept me and move on. I couldn’t respond to this child because I thought to myself where do I even begin to explain the concept of disability to her something she probably knows nothing about and will probably never know about. These two incidents reflect the world we live in, that is there is not enough disability awareness out there. In as much as the world might say we have accepted rather let me put it this way, in as much as some countries have accepted people with disabilities in their societies, there is still a VERY VERY LONG way to go before society stops asking us stupid questions.


2 thoughts on “The Innocence Of Children.”

  1. Hi Coleen!
    Please don’t close your blog,I randomly bumped into it via your brothers page.
    I enjoyed reading your blog today& I am inspired to start my own.
    Take care! Lavo


    1. Hie Lavo, been years !!!!!
      thank you so much for reading the blog, i truly appreciate it. i’m not shutting the blog down, it is here to say 🙂


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