Acceptance Part 2.

A couple of weeks ago a friend and i got into a little argument over what to call a project we are working on. The project is to do with disability in Zimbabwe. He did not want to include the word “disability” in the name of the project yet i was adamant that disability should be included in the title of the project. How else would people know what the project is about. After a few days of going back and forth on the matter, he finally agreed to include disability in the title of the project. He only changed his mind after i explained to him that part of the whole “acceptance” process of having a disability is living and owning the label “disability.” This is not to say that an individual with a disability sees or considers themselves as being disabled, as not being able to do anything but rather owning the label simply means that the individual has faced the reality of their disability and have fully accepted and embraced it. When i make it very clear to people what i can and especially cannot do it’s not to say that i am a victim or want to be viewed as one but rather it states that i am fully aware of my capabilities. Acceptance of having a disability involves being fully aware of one’s abilities and not about being a victim or wanting to be viewed as one.


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