But Why Do People Ask Stupid Questions?

PhotoGrid_1380086879795 Today I woke up with the random thought why do people ask random questions? This of course goes against everything I’ve been taught in tertiary education that there are no stupid questions but I beg to differ. In the 25 years of my existence I can confidently say that I’ve been asked some really stupid questions. The latest one really made me angry. Here I am minding my own business then out of no-one this man comes up to me and starts to ask a few questions. The conversation was going well till he asked what I call the most stupidest (if that’s a word) question ever, he asked “do you see yourself as a dwarf?” In my head I was like “homeboy say what now.” A dwarf seriously, a dwarf? I just stood there speechless for a moment then I simply responded with a sharp NO!!!! That question really irked me, I mean I know I am short and all but dude come on to look at me as a dwarf. His lame justification, his brother was a dwarf. So let me get this straight, you had a brother who was a dwarf, you look at me with a disability and it hit you there she must consider yourself to be a dwarf FULL OF RUBBISH!!!!!!! The older I get, the more I realise people ask me really stupid questions. Earlier in the year I was at a church conference. Here I am walking to the arena with my tea in hand when all of a sudden I am stopped by this couple. The man introduced himself and his wife and asked if they could pray for me. I said sure thing. He then asked “so what’s wrong?” I immediately knew where this conversation was going so I answered “with regards to what?” That reply really caught them off guard because I could tell they were expecting me to go into detail about my disability. After that all they could say was “God bless you.” In this case I walked away patting myself on the back cause I refused to entertain a stupid question. To some they might say I was a bit too much and I should have played nice but when you’ve had to respond to stupid questions all your life, you get to a point where you can’t tolerate such nonsense from people anymore. Anyway going back to the question “why do people ask stupid questions?” I say they are stupid questions because yes even though I have a disability, I don’t need your pity through your stupid questions. Seriously it’s as if there’s this stupid button that goes off in people’s brains when they see someone with a disability and they see no problem with vocalising their stupid thoughts. Such people have made me aware of the fact that yes society to a large extent has accepted people with disabilities but they know nothing about it hence the stupid questions. It’s as if society says yes we accept disability but we won’t bother reading about it or learning anything about it unless it affects me directly. I just don’t get it anyway that’s a story for another day…’s a piece of advice to the people that ask me stupid questions about my disability KEEP THEM TO YOURSELF!!!


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