It Is The Same Everywhere!

A few weeks ago I discovered that Nicole Parker and Boris Kodjoe’s four year old daughter has a disability and they have a foundation named after her. I looked up this information and it turns out that their little girl has the same disability that I have Spina Befida but we were affected differently eg she uses a catheter I don’t, she can run, do ballet and gymnastics and I can’t. One thing is obvious though, disability struggles are the same everywhere. From reading up on what Nicole and Boris have said in interviews about the challenges they face, they are similar to what my parents have faced. For example Nicole stated her concerns about her daughter going to slumber parties and going out….etc. Growing up this was also one of my mum’s concerns, that is I could not go to slumber parties or sleep overs, in fact I don’t recall ever going for a sleep over when I was young. This is because my mum was always concerned about how people would treat me if my family was not around. In another interview Boris stated how having a child with a disability turned everything upside down for them but at the same time, they keep things as normal as possible. This revelation brought me back to my childhood; it reminded me of the many sacrifices my parents have made for me to where I am today, sacrifices that also affected my siblings. No matter where in the world the person is, the disability struggle is the same. We all face the same feelings of insecurity; we all face discrimination from people. Even though we face the same struggles, the struggles are also different to a large extent. Just reading up on the struggles the Kodjoes go through with their daughter made me realise that disability is one of those things that impacts you for life and your family too. Unlike a disease, you can’t get treatment to end it, it is there for life. Next time you come across a person with a disability, before you judge them, stare at them, pity them, discriminate against them, write them off, know that the struggles they face no-one else can ever handle them.


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