Never Belittle Anyone’s Experience.

Yesterday I had one of those days when someone came to the wrong conclusion about something I said. This made me upset because I realised how quick and easy it is for people to judge certain situations without hearing what the person is actually saying. You see there’s a huge difference between “listening” and “hearing” what a person is actually saying. Unfortunately when you have a disability this is one of the many things you face, that is people coming to the wrong conclusions about what you are saying. I have often being told that I have a “victim mentality” particularly when it concerns my people’s attitude towards those with disabilities. I come from a country where the society discriminates against people with disabilities, some even go as far as saying that you are bewitched. Now I when even try to explain to people why I do not like being in my home country for example because the public transport is pathetic, instead of people trying to understand that the public transport system back home is not conducive for people with disabilities, people often say I am after comfort. Such ignorant remarks really infuriate me because they belittle my experience, they belittle my story. John 11:35 says “Jesus wept.” Verse 36 then says “ Then the Jews said, “see how He loved him!” They acknowledged what Jesus was feeling at the time which was grief over the death of his friend. The Jews did not say He is the Messiah, He should be crying but instead they allowed Jesus to experience what He was feeling. The moment you belittle someone’s experience, you take away the essence of their story. Everyone has a story. You cannot put people in a box or judge their experiences because people experience things differently. Let us respect each other ’s life experiences and not rush to make judgements.


2 thoughts on “Never Belittle Anyone’s Experience.”

  1. I totally feel this one hun. People sometimes approach conversations with prejudices and its just so frustrating. I am tempted to just keep quiet and let them have a monologue but nah….gotta say your side of the story. You are entitled to it and really you owe no one no explanation about your choices or preferences.


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