Vimbainashe Thembinkosi

Proverbs 3: 5-6
Trust in the LORD with all your heart;
do not depend on your own understanding.
Seek His will in all you do,
and He will show you which path to take.
107_0248 A while ago I was meditating on the meaning of my middle name Vimbainashe which in the Shona language means trust in the Lord. I love my middle name so much so that I was determined to use that as my first name after I became legal but the issue is where I come from, there’s a lot of Vimbais in my country not a lot of Colleens so I decided to stick with the minority. Back to the topic, sorry I tend to get distracted easily. I don’t think my parents know what a prophetic name they gave me because all my life that’s what I have to do trust in the Lord. Please please I beg you don’t get me wrong here and for once think that I am suggesting that abled bodied people don’t have to trust God for anything but because you crucify me, let me state my case. When you have a disability you control very little in your life and what happens to you. Ok that doesn’t make sense right? Let me enlighten you. I live in Melbourne Australia the public transport system here is AMAZING!!!!! Man I love Yarra trams, Metro trains and my good old favourite Ventura buses. These three companies changed my life, seriously they did!!!! Whilst I am here, I am independent, I can travel by myself, I don’t have to dependent on anyone to drive me anywhere like I do when I am in my home country Zimbabwe (that’s a story for another day). Even though I am independent and I can get around by myself, there are so many other things I can’t control such as the weather. It is winter right now in Melbourne and guess what it rains in winter; in fact it rains a lot. Now for someone like me who uses crutches that sucks A LOT Every time I leave the house I pray and hope that it does not rain and I have to trust God that my prayer will be answered and it won’t rain. You see this is something that an able bodied person does not have to worry about because they can either drive or use an umbrella. Most times whenever someone suggests I use an umbrella I’m always tempted to ask “are you stupid or something, I use crutches HELLO??!!! Another example to illustrate just how much people of my kind have to trust even for the smallest of things is the area of job hunting. OH EEEEM GEEEE that has to be the most FRUSTRATING thing ever for me cause I always come across all these perfect jobs (so they seem) till I get to the end of the end where it says “you must be the holder of a valid Australia license” and I’m like akomana ndorough iyoyo (that’s harsh man). I had to use my native language to express just how frustrating it is for me. An able bodied person can easily get that job while I on the other hand have to continue with the job hunt. It’s a tough race to run I tell you… The point I’m making is this: having a disability is not easy at all, it is a hard path to walk but having to trust God even for the smallest of things of things that other people take for granted has enriched my walk with God, it has made my relationship with Him such that I always wonder what life would or rather my relationship with God would have been like if I didn’t have a disability. In light of all of this, I guess having a disability is a win for me #WIIIIIINNNNING!!!!!!


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