Some Churches Are Just That Cool.

I’m still in awe of the VIP treatment I received at the Hillsong Conference last week. I’ve never been to a church in Zim or here in Aussie that gives people with disabilities VIP/first class treatment like that. Usually I have to fight with ushers to find me a good seat or endure the pressure of standing in line to get into church BUT not at the Hillsong Conference. I had priority/ reserved seating. As soon as I walked into the arena I would have more than 5 volunteers not only ask if I needed a seat but they would also offer to look for a seat for me if I needed one or help me get down the stairs. Once I had found a seat there was always someone who would ask me if I was comfortable where I was seated. After the sessions, I would have volunteers not only offer to walk me to my electives but they would also ask if I needed any help carrying my stuff. Whenever I was walking in the foyer volunteers would immediately tell people to make way for me. There was a shuttle to take me to and from the car park. On the first night of the conference one of the volunteers at the car park told me she wouldn’t be pleased if she saw me walking to the car park the next day instead of using the shuttle. I could tell that they were going beyond what was required of them especially when one of the volunteers during her lunch break instead of getting lunch for her son who was hungry decided to wait for over 15mins whilst I stood in a queue to buy lunch so she could walk me to my elective. I’ve never experienced such before, truly felt like I was at home….yep some churches just have the revelation!!!! If you are a pastor/church leader and you are reading this, you should be challenged if your church does not do the same. Such an attitude in a church flows from the top….Pastor Brian and Bobbie Houston I SALUTE YOU!!!!!


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