These Dogs Have Issues.

No-Dogs-Allowed OMG these stupid dogs (sorry to any dog lovers out there) on my street just bark at you for no reason aaaarrrggggh like calm the heck down man. I’m minding my own business walking on the other side of the road, I’m not coming to your house AIN’T NO-BODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!!!!! Ok here’s the story these two dogs on my street just bark at anyone and everyone even if you are not walking on their side of the street-oh yes I have personified them cause it’s getting personal ya’ll. Now this sister is scaaaaaared of dogs even the little Chihuahuas. When I’m walking in my neighbourhood, I stop when I come across anyone walking their dog even as small as a puppy, yep it’s that serious. Like most folks I am scared of being beaten by a dog. I can’t recall ever having an incident with a dog growing up so it can only be one thing. I am scared that if a dog attacked me (*Nigerian ascent* God forbid oooh) I wouldn’t be able to run away and that’s a real threat to me and people with disabilities. That is when faced with real danger eg a fire in a building obviously one is not allowed to use the elevator in such cases, you have to use the stairs. It’s real man cause yep there’s a lot of things that we can’t do. I always think to myself what will happen the day these dogs get out when I am walking home or something. This is very concerning to me because I can’t defend myself or run away in times of danger. Whenever I think of such things, it makes me upset cause it sort of feels like I’m at a disadvantage then I remind myself “Coco it has never happened before so why waste time trying to come up with defence strategies for a non-existent battle?”


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