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Shining The Spotlight On Soul To Soul Yoga.

When I put out the call for PWDs or disability organizations that would be interested to be featured on the blog, I was so glad Soul To Soul Yoga contacted me. After reading about the amazing work they do, I instantly became a fan. Who is behind Soul to Soul Yoga?  Cheryl Albright is the… Continue reading Shining The Spotlight On Soul To Soul Yoga.


Black People Don’t Have to Inherit Their Ableism

I absolutely love this blog post.

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Let me make myself clear, this post is not an opportunity for majority culture to attack black people, not even a little bit. With that in mind, I have noticed over the past few years a disturbing trend among people of otherwise marginalized groups. Specifically, mine. Ableism is rampant in the black community. Despite being the community most prone to becoming disabled as they age from a combination of a healthcare system that ignores our complaints until they’ve become more serious and over-policing that results in brutality, the worst thing some black people can think of is the prospect of becoming disabled.

Like black people have to do with White Feminists, disabled black people have to beg to be seen in contexts and initiatives that claim to be “intersectional” or “represent blackness.” So how did we get here? Well? You guessed it—White Supremacy, and our own inherited culture. Theoretically, prior…

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Ableism In The Black Community.

I have been back in Zimbabwe for 8 months now (well it will be 8 months on the 2nd of June) and one thing I know without a shadow of doubt is that I miss Melbourne so much. Zimbabwe is home, I was born and breed here, my family is here, my childhood memories are… Continue reading Ableism In The Black Community.

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Zimbabweans Please Demand More From Leaders Regarding Disability Rights.

It is full on election season here in Zimbabwe, though the actual date of the elections is yet to be announced; campaigning is in full swing from everyone running for office. Being active on social media I have noticed one thing, there’s never any mention of disability issues/rights whenever Zimbabweans discuss the new Zimbabwe they… Continue reading Zimbabweans Please Demand More From Leaders Regarding Disability Rights.